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Silverstone UTC agree a long term & exclusive training partnership with Anderson Gothard following the success of their pilot delivery in June

Silverstone University Technical College (Silverstone UTC) have agreed a long term & exclusive training partnership with Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd (Anderson Gothard) following the successful training pilot that was delivered in June.
Anderson Gothard will be building and implementing a bespoke training programme individual for each of the four years (through years 10-13) so there is a continuous and flowing programme to follow.
Neil Gothard, Director at Anderson Gothard said “The long term partnership we’ve agreed with Silverstone UTC shows the benefit the students gained from the pilot we delivered in June. Back then, we delivered to just 25 students, however with our new agreement, we’ll now be able to reach in excess of 400 students across 4 years. This will enable us to offer the very best students for work experience, placements and apprenticeships to our clients, as well as giving the students a fantastic opportunity to work for some of the best employers in the Motorsport industry”.
Neil Patterson, Principal at the college stated “Following the success of the training pilot delivered by Anderson Gothard Associates back in June, we are delighted to have agreed an exclusive and long term partnership that will enable all of our student’s access to their bespoke training programme on offer through years 10 to 13. Three of our students that attended the pilot were awarded work placements which has given them the hands on experience they’ve been looking for to further themselves in their chosen career path in Motorsport. With the programme now reaching out to all of our students, every one of them will have the chance to be awarded work experience, placement opportunities and apprenticeships with the Motorsport clients that Anderson Gothard work with.”
For more information please contact Neil Gothard or Charlotte Anderson

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