Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd becomes Anderson Gothard Moroz Ltd

Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd (AGA Ltd) are pleased to announce that Oliver Moroz has joined the company becoming a partner alongside current owners and Directors Charlotte Anderson and Neil Gothard. With immediate effect, this will change the name of the business to Anderson Gothard Moroz Ltd (AGM).

Oliver has been an integral part of the company since he joined as Recruitment Manager.  His working relationship with current Director Neil Gothard extends back four years, having previously worked together.  With this in mind, AGM knew Oliver would be a great asset to the company as a partner.

The new company logo encompassing the name Moroz will be rolled out across all the company marketing and social media platforms over the next week.

Finally, we are also excited to announce we have moved to larger premises at Unit 1, New Rookery Farm, Little London, Silverstone, NN12 8UP. This will provide candidates a more discreet location to visit.

For more information, please contact Charlotte Anderson, Neil Gothard or Oliver Moroz

Can the issues at Calais really effect the cars getting to and from races?

During the last few months there isn’t anyone who can say they don’t know about the migration issues at Calais, it’s regularly on the news, in the papers and on social media. In fact it’s highly likely that you have a friend who’s posted or tweeted whilst held up in queues trying to cross the channel for a holiday, and those of you who chose to stay in the UK or flew somewhere are quietly smug, deep down you are!

So, we got to thinking, this heavily effects most people with a motorsport job in one way or another, one role in particular, the truckie. For all the European Grand Prix, the UK based teams have to the get the cars from the UK to mainland Europe. The route they take is in question due to the migrant issues. But, on top of this they have a really tight timeline getting to and from races, so what’s the chances that they might not make it?

I’m no expert, but I know a man who is, so we had a chat and I discovered that it’s not just a case of being stuck in a traffic jam, which would be my biggest cause for complaint, I am not very patient in a traffic jam, who is?!
No, the journey has to be planned out fully, there is no stopping for fuel as needed, it has to be done outside of a fifty mile radius of Calais. Especially when travelling alone, the vehicle needs to be watched at all times, almost making it a compulsory two man job, you need a wing man to watch whilst you pay for fuel. Migrants often overrun the area at Calais, some lie in the road to stop the trucks, giving no choice to get past. I personally have no idea what I would do in that situation, these people are effectively risking their life lying in front of a huge transporter in order to try to find somewhere safe to live with access to a bit of a quality of life.

I know that these issues have been around a long while, I can remember migrants jumping out of the back of one of the transporters on arrival back at the factory when I worked for one of the race teams. The truckie bringing the truck back was very shocked, he had no idea there was anyone back there, let alone 5 or 6 people, they just hoped out and ran down the drive before anyone had a chance to recover from the shock and catch them.

There is a huge amount of both personal and professional pressure caused, when ‘Operation Stack’ is in progress, huge delays either side of the channel are now forcing trucks to be diverted to more expensive routes. Which are also becoming the chosen routes for the major road hauliers, so are fully booked weeks in advance.

The delay itself is a real issue personally for racing truckies, they aren’t equipped with sleeper cabins, bedding, food, water, cooking and washing facilities as a haulage truck driver would be. One driver was stuck in the delays for 27 hours, he had to sit there and try to sleep in the seat with nowhere to go and no one to talk to. I know this isn’t something I could cope with!

On top of all this is the professional issues. There is a very real chance of being unable to get the cars back for the turn around to be complete in the timeline that has been mapped out. So many races result in everything being time critical. Most teams after a European race, strip the cars when they return from ‘Parc Ferme’ and send them that night on the transporter truck, which is double manned, for twenty hours straight.

This could easily go wrong in the current circumstances, take the Hungairan Grand Prix for example, the truck makes it to Calais in one hit, it is then met by another truckie who drives it home, simple. But, he got caught in the chaos and was stuck for almost six hours. The maths… a single driver can only drive for ten hours total over a fifteen hour period, six hours has been used up, leaving four hours, this is still okay, puts the truckie under a little pressure because from the ferry it’s over three hours to their factory, but is okay. They made it, phew. However, the logic puzzle continues, time was too tight, this is not a predictable critical time analysis, the delays at Calais are an unknown entity, say there was an eight hour delay then he would only have made it to the M40. That’s okay, you have to get another driver to come and fetch the truck, manageable because it’s on the right side of the channel. However, should you be stuck on the French side then everything at the factory starts to fall apart, no truck means no cars, tools, parts, brakes, suspension, bodywork etc etc. Everyone and everything is time critical based on the arrival of that transporter truck, when it doesn’t make it, then every hour lost is another hour.

Doesn’t sound like it might be much of a problem, an hour here and there, but with the next Grand Prix looming it becomes a race against time.

Anderson Gothard, specialist in #motorsportjobs #motorsportrecruitment #motorsporttraining #motorsportapprenticeships

***We’re recruiting*** We need a Motorsport Resourcer!

vector career potential conceptual meter indicator isolated on white backgroundDue to Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd (AGA) ongoing growth and success, we are now looking to expand and add to our growing team. AGA are currently seeking an experienced Recruitment Resourcer. The ideal candidate will have experience or a background of working in Motorsport although this is not essential.
AGA are a market leading recruitment and training company who solely service the Motorsport sector. Based at the historic Silverstone Racing Circuit, we offer the successful applicant the opportunity to work in the exciting and faced paced world of Motorsport at our brand new offices at the Silverstone Innovation Centre overlooking the track!

Within the unique and niche sector that is Motorsport, our clients need candidates that are typically hard to unearth. Therefore, the successful applicant will have experience of working in a specialist sector where they have had to use different resourcing techniques that have helped them find relevant candidates.

The role:
• Sourcing candidates for permanent and temporary vacancies
• Working closely with our Motorsport Consultant
• Using methodical Boolean search methods on job boards
• Writing and placing job adverts on job boards for new client vacancies
• Making calls to relevant candidates sourced and screening them before referring them to the Motorsport Consultant
• Proof reading and editing candidate CV’s before transferring them to the company CV template

Essential Skills & Experience:
• Experience of resourcing in the recruitment
• Excellent organisational and planning skills
• A keen eye for detail
• Excellent communication skills
• The desire to progress and learn
• have a full UK driving licence

Desired skills & experience:
• Have a passion and desire to work in the Motorsport sector
• Previous experience of working in the Motorsport sector

At AGA we have a ‘work hard’ and ‘go the extra mile’ mentality that matches the Motorsport sector we work in. You will be given ongoing coaching to enable you to enhance your skills and develop in the role. There are opportunities for progression which will be earned through hitting and exceeding targets set.

If you’re interested in applying, please email Neil Gothard on or call the office for more information on 01327-856-023

Silverstone UTC agree a long term & exclusive training partnership with Anderson Gothard following the success of their pilot delivery in June

Silverstone University Technical College (Silverstone UTC) have agreed a long term & exclusive training partnership with Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd (Anderson Gothard) following the successful training pilot that was delivered in June.
Anderson Gothard will be building and implementing a bespoke training programme individual for each of the four years (through years 10-13) so there is a continuous and flowing programme to follow.
Neil Gothard, Director at Anderson Gothard said “The long term partnership we’ve agreed with Silverstone UTC shows the benefit the students gained from the pilot we delivered in June. Back then, we delivered to just 25 students, however with our new agreement, we’ll now be able to reach in excess of 400 students across 4 years. This will enable us to offer the very best students for work experience, placements and apprenticeships to our clients, as well as giving the students a fantastic opportunity to work for some of the best employers in the Motorsport industry”.
Neil Patterson, Principal at the college stated “Following the success of the training pilot delivered by Anderson Gothard Associates back in June, we are delighted to have agreed an exclusive and long term partnership that will enable all of our student’s access to their bespoke training programme on offer through years 10 to 13. Three of our students that attended the pilot were awarded work placements which has given them the hands on experience they’ve been looking for to further themselves in their chosen career path in Motorsport. With the programme now reaching out to all of our students, every one of them will have the chance to be awarded work experience, placement opportunities and apprenticeships with the Motorsport clients that Anderson Gothard work with.”
For more information please contact Neil Gothard or Charlotte Anderson

Anderson Gothard Associates agree an exclusive recruitment partnership with Pirelli Motorsport

Specialist Motorsport employment consultancy Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd (Anderson Gothard) are delighted to announce they have agreed an exclusive recruitment partnership with Pirelli Motorsport based at Didcot.
Pirelli Motorsport are the sole provider of tyres for Formula 1, GP2 and GP3 and are globally recognised as one of the best tyre manufacturers in the world. With Pirelli’s ever expanding workforce, the exclusive agreement will give Anderson Gothard the opportunity to implement a bespoke recruitment programme that will ensure a streamline service across permanent, contract and temporary employment throughout the business.
Anderson Gothard will be implementing a bespoke recruitment programme for Pirelli that will look to create a streamline service across permanent, contract and temporary employment throughout the business.
Neil Gothard, Director at Anderson Gothard said “Our exclusive partnership with Pirelli Motorsport really does show the intent that Anderson Gothard has to become the world leading provider of Motorsport staff. Pirelli are a globally recognised brand and we’re looking forward to helping steer their recruitment strategy and look forward to forging a fruitful business relationship for many years to come.”
Matthew Corby, Operations Director of Pirelli Motorsport stated “We are looking forward to working with Anderson Gothard, they come highly recommended and I hope the advantages of targeting the right personnel when we are looking to recruit will save time and ensure a high quality of applicants. ”
For more information please contact Neil Gothard or Charlotte Anderson

What does your social media say about you?

I recently presented a week long course with the students of the Silverstone UTC and I covered several subjects with them including Motorsport Recruitment, Motorsport Apprenticeships and Training. On one particular day though we covered what their social media says about them to perspective employers. I asked around the room that if I was to log onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram whether I’d find anything that would cause them to look uncomfortable of squirmish if I were to look them up? Out of the 25 students, I’d say they all had terrible poker faces as they all looked very nervous! It was exactly the point I wanted to make…’what does your social media say about you?’
More and more employers are now turning to social media platforms to get an insight into their next potential employer and even more so to candidates entering the working world as there isn’t really much meat to pick at from their CV to draw comparisons.
The reason I covered this subject was down to my own failings on social media. I have a 10 year old daughter (going on 16!) and she and her friends all decided to Google their parents. When my wife started telling me this, I thought nothing of it. However I had failed to remember an account I had on MySpace many years back….anyone under the age of 30 will probably not have heard of this, but basically, it was a similar platform to Facebook. Thanks to this forgotten gem, my daughter had a good look at her Father when he was around 21 in an all too un-fatherly pose reclining in his work chair, at his work desk sticking his middle finger up to the camera…not my proudest moment! It could have been a lot worse as I’ve done worse than that in my time, it just so happens that it wasn’t caught on camera…I hope!
Today, everything is shared on the internet and in particular the social media platforms I mentioned earlier. What’s worse is that unless you can physically control it or unless you’ve posted it yourself, it’ll be there forever.
social media
Back in the day, and not that long ago, all you could do as an employer was access an applicant’s CV. If amongst the pile, you were to be shortlisted, you’d get interviewed and that’d be it – today it’s completely different.
Running a Motorsport Recruitment business means that myself and the other guys that work here are constantly registering candidates looking for Motorsport jobs and placing their CV and details onto our database. We all have a look at their Linkedin pages if they have one and we’ll even have a look on Facebook and Twitter sometimes before we meet them too. Luckily, we’ve yet to come across anything that has concerned us to the extent that we wouldn’t send someone forward to a client!
However, I do believe that over the next 10 years, it’s going to prove a stumbling block for some individuals though because teenagers and those in their early twenties are posting everything onto social media now. For a young candidate entering the world of work and the amount of candidates applying for the same jobs, you have to ask yourself “what can I do to give myself the best opportunity of getting that job?” Amongst these answers should be how you check there isn’t anything that could paint you in a bad light online. There are simple ways to control this if you have the correct privacy settings though. If you don’t have stringent privacy setting then most posts, pictures and videos are available just by googling your name.
Have a look, google yourself and see what images come up! It’s a fun but really interesting point to make and it may well shock a few of you!
Ask yourself “what does my social media say about me?” Maybe the reason you didn’t get the job and the other applicant did was that there wasn’t a picture of them sticking their finger up at work!

The shutdown is here… Are you in holiday mode yet? Here’s why you should be!

We’re mid-way through the Formula One season and it’s the last day before the two week shut down for the racing teams, which is exactly the right time for everyone to have a break from their motorsport job. It’s shown in studies that breaks are good for your health and as a result, returning to work you are more productive, a win win situation for both employee and employer. Here is why:

Most people feel re-energised, re-motivated and ready to be back at work after some time off

After half a year of pressure and weekly to two weekly deadlines in racing almost everyone is feeling drained. A break gives everyone a chance to re-charge, not only that, with the summer shut-down compulsory across all teams everyone can go away knowing that when they return their inbox is not going to be overflowing with email from colleagues! So there is no excuse for not having a proper break! A disconnection from the work space provides rejuvenation, resulting in a motivated, energized and more eager employee. Something that all workforces should consider if they are not getting the best out of people… when did this person last get a proper break?

Tension can run high

Any competitive situation causes tension, so working for a company that ultimately has a competitive goal creates high pressure, expectations and finally tension. Add to that the fact that people with motorsport jobs spend more hours together than they do with their family and the result is high tension. Don’t get me wrong, it is also very valued friendships, but spend too long with any person and the result will be high tension! A holiday provides distance, it is a key factor in aiding people to relax, lift mental blocks, catch up on much sleep, especially as a good chunk of the year is spent jet lagged, and a much needed recharge of the batteries. Studies show that post-vacation mentality minimises conflict and tension.

Endless work isn’t productive

Constantly working can have a huge detrimental effect on people, this can result in slower problem resolution, proactivity reductions and motivation hits a low. For an employer this is a disaster, productivity reduces and costs rise as people take longer to go about their day to day jobs. So send the work force off with a happy holiday statement, not a reminder of what needs to be done on their return!

A long holiday away would be lovely, but any break is a benefit!holiday1

Not got plans during the shutdown, it doesn’t matter, it is the break that counts. Spend time with people you don’t see, see your family, do things you enjoy. You’ll still go back to work with a spring in your step and eager to see you work mates.

With all that in mind, go and enjoy the shut down, and whilst you are off, if you are considering a change in your future then come and see us. We will be here throughout, so come and have a chat with us about motorsport jobs!

The Innovation Centre

Dear all…..Exciting times, we have moved into our new premises!

You can now find us at The Innovation Centre, Silverstone Park, within the grounds of the historic Silverstone Circuit. Please feel free to pop in anytime, the door is always open and the kettle is always on!


New Recruit – Julie

We would like to introduce Julie, our new Motorsport Consultant. Julie is no stranger to the industry, having worked at Silverstone Circuit for over 11 years and prior to that was employed within the recruitment sector – we’re delighted to have her on board!

Julie will be focusing on the recruitment side of the business, so if you’d like to get in touch, then feel free to drop her a line on or give her a call on 01327 856023.

GT Live Events Ltd – Partnership

Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd strengthened by partnership with GT Live Events Ltd.
Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd (AGA Ltd) announces a new collaboration with GT Live Events Ltd, a company that provides event management, consultancy and logistical support to Nissan GT Academy – the popular racing driver recruitment campaign.

The partnership begins with immediate effect and gives AGA Ltd significant business growth opportunities and access to a shared resource.

GT Live Events Ltd is the company behind the organisation of the award winning GT Academy project, an international driver contest which allows players of the Gran Turismo console game the chance to compete for an opportunity to become a professional racing driver. Directors Laurence Wiltshire, Martyn Smith and Daniel Whittemore bring extensive motorsport experience, contacts and business resources, with their investment enabling AGA Ltd to build and expand.
With GT Live Events Ltd on board, AGA Ltd will now consist of five directors.

Majority shareholders and Directors Charlotte Anderson and Neil Gothard will still be at the helm of the business, while Laurence, Martyn and Daniel join as board members to take active roles in running the business.

All parties involved are thrilled with this partnership. AGA Ltd and GT Live Events Ltd have a lot to offer each other in the cutting edge of motorsport business. Collaborating and sharing contacts, experience and resources not to mention creative ideas is going to be a boost for both establishments.

For more information for Anderson Gothard Associates Ltd please contact Charlotte Anderson or Neil Gothard for GT Live Events Ltd please contact Daniel Whittemore

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